TV Shows = Fashion Inspirations

Well it’s official, TV shows give the best fashion advice. Before you raise your eyebrow mockingly in my direction, allow me to explain myself. I just watched the first episode of Scream Queens and aside from laughing my head off and looking on in horror, I was very very pleased by the amazing fashion choices going on in the show.

For example, exhibit A shows the outfit worn by Chanel Oberlin (Emma Roberts) for a casual day about her university.


The pink fur, plaid skater skirt and oversized sunglasses look can often be found in the University of Neverland. But for most university students, after the first week when we all try to look as fabulous as possible, we usually give up and switch over to the ‘oversize t-shirt/sweatpants with pizza stains’ look.

What I loved about the fashion in the show was that, while it displayed a ridiculous over-exaggerated Hollywood version of university life, it did give me a reminder that I did not need to dress sloppily for comfort. But looking good doesn’t have to entail long hours in front of a mirror.


Just plan an outfit the night before, even if you just picture it in your head before hitting the pillow. It gives you a game plan the next day and gives you options when you reach for the sweatpants. 

I’m now deep into second week university and I’m proud to say I haven’t worn my greying sweatpants yet. However, despite the above advice, come November you’ll find me with a blanket and pillow in lecture hall.

What are your go to outfits? Also, sweatpants- a fashion statement or no?

Until next time,


All photos by Steve Dietl/Fox from Scream Queens.

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