How to have a five star dining experience?

Recently I traveled to Washington DC and it was quite an eye opening experience. Fine, foreign cuisine is perhaps one of the highlights of any vacation and the  temptation to scavenge the hot spots in your destination is tempting. On the other hand, the pleasure of traveling can be cut short when you fall victim to an upset stomach. Over the years, I have gathered some tips and tricks for having the most fulfilling cuisine experience while traveling, here we go. 


Adjusting Period 

Slow down – when visiting a foreign country, I give myself time to adjust to the country’s native cuisine. While I enjoy embracing tradition, your body needs to adjust to the added spices, new ingredients, or flavors.

Bloating – when I’m feeling like an inflated balloon, a small bowl of soup and easily digestible foods like fruits and veggies are my go to remedies. Also, if your immune system is down, using easily digestible and familiar foods is a great way to regain energy strength.


Fine Cuisine 

Countryside – one of the rewarding parts about traveling is the cultural exposure. The best way to familiarize yourself with foreign cuisine is to travel outside of the bounds of major tourist hot spots. The countryside maintains traditions tightly and chances are that your meals will be crafted by old, authentic recipes.

Worthy mention  after my transition period, I feel confident choosing a traditional meal, usually where the ingredients are not familiar to me. This sounds like a formula for disaster; however, this technique encourages me to branch out and try foods which are not easily back at home.

Strangers – local citizens are your keys to having the perfect dining experience. Try making time for small talk with local citizens in between your tours and museum visits. While travel guidebooks are an option, you are missing out on great conversation and tips. 

Where have you traveled recently?  

I hope you enjoyed this post and will find your travel transition period much easier and enjoyable. To stay in touch with recent posts and join the community, subscribe to our mailing list. 

    ~ Kisses, Kvitka ~


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