Music is not a chore

I must admit that I do not listen to music very often [cue a shocked expression]. Although there are resources for a fulfilling listening experience, you will not find me listening to music on the bus, while working, or reading. However, it is a ritual to dedicate some time every week to just sitting back and embracing music.Β 

This week, I hope you will try this meditative exercise of sitting back and just listening to music. You will begin to hear sounds and instruments you never noticed before and the lyrics will grow in meaning. Here is what I am listening to right now (video suitable for mature audience):


What are you listening to right now?

Let us know if you enjoyed listening to this song in the comments section. In the mean time, to join the A Lipstick Trilogy community, join our mailing list for new post updates.

~ Kisses, Kvitka ~


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