No limits- changing the definition of beauty

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Social media, its a blessing and a curse, wouldn’t you agree? From viral hits to distraction, social media, we can all agree is here to stay and will continue shaping the 21st century. This time around, I will be praising social media for bringing the courageous and beautiful Madeline Stuart to our attention. Stuart (18) was born with Down syndrome and recently won over the public’s heart as she rocked the catwalk in New York’s Fashion Week. 


In the past decade, there has been a strong push towards acceptance and redefining the meaning of the word “normal.” Particular to the fashion and beauty industry, we have spotted changes to the traditional modes of advertisement and publicity, now starting to advocate for real women with all their perfections as well as imperfections. Stuart is a heroine who has brought us one step closer of being able to acknowledge ourselves with confidence.

After visiting Stuart’s website, it became clear that Madeline is an aspiring young model who has taught all of us a lesson or two about perseverance and dedication. Her debut is not over though as her website states,

“[Stuart] has become the face of a cosmetic company called Glossigirl, which makes her the first model with a disability to ever do this. She is now known as the first professional adult model with Down syndrome in the world and is actually supporting herself doing it. She also has a bag named after her called โ€˜The Madelineโ€ by a handbag company called EverMaya which donates itโ€™s sales to National Down Syndrome Society.”  – – 

We can’t wait to hear more about Stuart’s endeavors and achievements. Social media has proven to be a powerful tool in bringing Stuart to the world’s attention and raising awareness.

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~ Kisses, Kvitka ~

The photos in this post were not taken by A Lipstick Trilogy. These photos are property of Madeline Stuart Modeling and can be found on their webpage:


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