Getting ready for fall

Despite the lingering of summer days (lucky us in Canada!) there is no such thing as perpetual ‘lounging in the sun’ days. Some of us have to go back to school, be it high school, university or work. Some of us might actually be the ones who send their kids off to school in which case you must be happy!ย 


The funny thing is that despite the start day of school marked on my calendar (Google calendar, sadly I don’t really own a desk calendar) I wasn’t prepared. The mindset of work/school time really hit when I looked around my room and couldn’t find my desk. It was buried under the pile of novels, birthday cards, gifts and essentially lots of junk collected over the space of four months of summer.

This is all to say that if you’re still experiencing shell shock from going back to school, the best thing might be to take a few moments and clean up or dust off something that always symbolises school. For me, nothing screams school (and torture) than beingย able to sit at my desk and read my 200 page notes that professors have already assigned during the first week of school.


If you’re in school, how is your first week back going? And if you’re not in school, wanna share some nightmare first day of school experiences?

Picture9 Picture10 Picture8

Until next time,



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