A $4.95 meal never tasted better

We have yet another review coming your way, this time around, its a student social hot spot. If you are a student, you know a thing or two about budgeting, saving, and smart shopping. When the wallet constraints tighten; looking for coupons and markdowns make you feel like you are partaking in an episode of “Survival”, student edition. This time around, we decided to give El Furniture Warehouse where every meal is $4.95 a try. It was quite a roller coaster. 

LT Rating: Food: 8/10 | Presentation: 8/10 | Decor: 10/10 | Seating wait time: 9/10 | Meal wait time: 6/10 | Prices: $$ | Must go, Average, Poor review: Must go



Just like the roller coaster, there is a gradual climb to the top which translates into the long line up and anticipation of getting seated. Although the line was lengthy (who doesn’t like a meal for $4.95), it moves fairly quickly with average waiting time being 10-15min depending on the time of day you arrive. Keep in mind, after 7pm, one of the guests must be of legal drinking age.

Inside, the setting is very laid back with comfortable seats, rustic details, and dim lighting, resembling a wooden cabin. Music always makes the atmosphere livelier and fills in the silence to any conversation; however, I found myself shouting during a conversation instead. Although you get accustomed to the loudness, a sore throat or a tear to your personal space bubble may be a consequence.



Quickly glancing over the menu, the options are boundless with anything from tacos, to salads, wraps, and burgers. On a full stomach, I ordered a Quinoa and Green Apple Salad and I must admit that I have never had so much quinoa to devour in my life. Being envious of my friend’s meal which was an absolutely delightful wrap, my pick of the night could not match despite it’s aesthetics factor. The portions are medium to large and quite filling although the price of drinks (if you are of legal drinking age) will definitely surpass the pricing bracket.



Helpful Tips:

  • The music is loud, sneak a seat in the outside patio
  • Don’t order the Quinoa and Green Apple Salad unless you are a devout quinoa lover
  • After 7pm, at least one member of your party must be of legal drinking age
  • Be prepared to wait in a line up
  • All meals are $4.95

If you want to pay El Furniture Warehouse a visit, here is a link: http://warehousewhis.ca/#!

What restaurants have you visited recently? Leave your suggestions in the comments and we might just try them out for out next blog meeting. In the mean time, follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest for more on our (mis)adventures and interests.

~ Kisses, Kvitka ~


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