Chapter 7: “The Circus arrives without warning”- The Night Circus

Have you ever read something so magical you could imagine yourself living in the story? And no, Harry Potter doesn’t count. Today let’s discuss the Night Circus written by Erin Morgenstern. The book revolves around so many people and the story lines, timelines and love triangles can get heavily tangled up especially so when the two central characters do not really interact until the middle of the book.

The cleverness and confusion is what is appealing from the first page onwards. I myself had no clue what was happening until at least the fifth chapter and I actually confused one character for another making me hate the novel until someone explained that Isobel was notย Celia(they were two different characters).

The plot is situated in a circus that travels around the world. The circus itself is tied to two characters Marco and Celia who are engaged in game of sorts that use the circus as a showcase of their talents. Eventually each tent in the circus dissolves into what is essentially love letters to each other. While the love story was beautiful and the plot engaging, it is truly Morgenstern’s talents that shines through the depth of her descriptions and aptitude for immense detail. The flow of the novel was perfect because despite the initial confusion caused by the going back and forth in time, Morgenstern manages to tie it all together in the end.

NightCircus_Sweeps_4Overall the main themes were love, (dis)illusion, the quest for perfection and it also tackles abusive parents, emotional blackmail and the danger of being too competitive. All these these are rather subtle and you truly will be too focused on the story to even realize that the author managed to slip in a few lessons between all the drama.

I highly recommend this book. Try finishing it in one or two sittings or else you’ll be left wondering and dreaming about the Cirque des rรชves throughout the day!


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