Smoothies Reinvented

Picture8 Picture9Picture10Picture11                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              For the past two months I have been on a smoothie kick, using organic fruits and vegetables to juice up some healthy treats before getting cozy with a book. My daily intake includes a multitude of fruits and veggies rather than just a single apple or a handful of grapes during the day. This 8 minute routine will come in really handy for on the go mornings and of course make your sweet tooth crave organic food. 

Preparation time: 3 min | Blending time: 5 min | Difficulty level: Low | Serving: 4



1 cup kale | 1 avocado | 1 banana | 1/2 cup raspberries and blackberries | peach | 1 green apple | 2.5 cups carrot juice | Blender

Enjoying a healthy meal or a snack is problematic when the world of processed foods is so much more quick, accessible, and inexpensive. This recipe however, will prove that making your healthy drink does not need to feel like a chore. Enjoy drinking your delicious smoothie on the go or at home while yielding a combination of health benefits from the ingredients you’ve selected.


Simply add all your ingredients and blend away. You will know to stop blending when there are no solid chunks of fruits and veggies in your smoothie. The thickness can be regulated with the amount of juice you add to your serving. Do you have smootie recipes we can try out?

What’s in your Mouth?

  • Kale— one of the most nutrient rich veggies, high source of vitamin C and K
  • Avocado– source of fiber needed for metabolic health, lowers cholesterol
  • Banana– rich source of potassium needed for heart health
  • Peach– contents of vitamin A and C which are essential for healthy skin
  • Apple– reduces cholesterol, high contents of vitamin C and fiber

What essential ingredients do you add to your smoothies?

I really hope you enjoyed this post and will be trying out this recipe next time you’re craving fruits. Subscribe to our mailing list to stay in touch with future posts.

~ Kisses, Kvitka ~


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