Deaths of Alan and Ghalib Kurdi Galvanize the World

Yesterday social media exploded with photos of Alan (Aylan) Kurdi lying face down in the sand, dead. The image captured the world’s attention because it spoke volumes about the urgency and dire need of Syrian refugees.


GRAPHIC CONTENT A Turkish police officer stands next to a migrant child's dead body off the shores in Bodrum, southern Turkey, on September 2, 2015 after a boat carrying refugees sank while reaching the Greek island of Kos. Thousands of refugees and migrants arrived in Athens on September 2, as Greek ministers held talks on the crisis, with Europe struggling to cope with the huge influx fleeing war and repression in the Middle East and Africa. AFP PHOTO / DOGAN NEWS AGENCY = TURKEY OUT =STR/AFP/Getty Images

Almost all European countries have opened their borders, including the UK where David Cameron finally announced the opening of the country’s borders to thousands of Syrian refugees. The announcement, though late, has accentuated the pressure the public has put upon their governments in the face of media outrage over Alan Kurdi’s death. The UN high commissioner António Guterres  has already called upon the EU as a whole to host 200,000 refugees.

The recent mass influx of refugees has sparked a huge debate in the global community between those who believe that refugees should be housed in camps in order to one day be able to return home and others who want to offer a haven to those who had to flee their country that has turned against them.

It is very hard to have a rational discussion when the image of a lifeless child provides a constant reiteration of the fact that the crisis is very real and immediate action is needed to help those who need a home. Yes, the root of the problem is ISIS but while the world concentrates its efforts on interventions, something needs to be done to help the refugee crisis.

For those of you (in Canada) aching to do something, the CBC has published an excellent advice article on sponsoring refugees Meanwhile, for those of you as yet unsure of what is happening, I find the BBC to be a great and reliable source of information. Here is a link to its coverage on Alan Kurdi and his family’s tragic deaths

Heartbreaking tragedies often spur immediate action, but in some cases that may not be the best decision. Opinions on how the world should proceed with the refugee situation? Please do comment below, we’d love to hear your opinions on it. 


All photos taken from National Post and BBC. The photo of 
Alan Kurdi was taken by photographer, Nilufer Demir.

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