Digital War on Photos

Recently I wrote a post about my family ritual of keeping photo albums handy at every family event. However, realistically speaking, this tradition has become quite outdated as flashing your iPhone is far more convenient than searching for a photo album on that dusty, pressure bent shelf. After some brainstorming, scrap booking (yes you heard me right) was suggested but lets take this seemingly elementary school project a notch higher.Β 


This time around instead of printing every non-blurry photo which on my iPhone is composed of 1,543 photos, I have decided that a more space efficient idea was to choose our top photo candidates and include them in a scrapbook. This activity is child friendly but is not limited to any age group because who doesn’t like to sit back and colour or glue things for a change. Being a grown up is a chore so why not enjoy some scrap booking?

A Guide to Scrap booking

Gather your albums or scroll through your phone and print off your favorite photos


Arrange and glue the photos in a desired formation, making any necessary cuts


Dollamara is a go to for inexpensive arts and crafts supplies like stickers, washy tape, etc

Everyone is able to decorate their own page based on a theme and bring the memories to life with stickers, ribbon, and how can we forget the sparkles and glitter. Forget about symmetrically aligned series of photos when you have the freedom to paste and cut your images however you wish, you are the boss. Let your ideas soar!

New memories will be made during this activity as you try to solidify the old ones. A few years from now you will not regret a $20 scapbook investment.

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~ Kvitka ~


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