Game Night Reinvented

I envision a table with five different types of forks and knives, dim lights, overpriced wine, and awkward silence while everyone is munching on their food. Although this scenario can receive a nomination for “Most Boring Plot Line Ever,” your dinner party, staff social, or date night doesn’t have to be. We introduce you to a game board cafe– Snakes and Lattes. Recently, I visited Snakes and Lattes and I cannot wait to go again!

LT Rating: Food: 8/10 | Decor: 6/10 | Board game selection: 10/10 | Seating wait time: 4/10 | Meal wait time: 10/10 | Prices: $$ | Must go, Average, Poor review: Must go | Fun? Absolutely 

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One thing I like more than movie night is game night. Although with a limited collection of Monopoly, Bingo, Checkers, and Battleship, I prefer the experts at Snakes and Lattes to endorse me in the world of board games. With a small $5 entrance fee, you are welcome to choose any board games of your choice for endless hours of fun.

Board Games:

The staff at Snakes and Lattes are board game experts it feels with a collection of board games from A – Z. You name it and they have it, anything from Balderdash to Cranium Party to even Exploding Kittens. The games are based on categories which are suitable for all age groups and include categories such as strategy, trivia, children, party etc. If you are unsure of what to choose, like myself, just ask for a recommendation, you won’t be disappointed.

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Being a proud foodie, I was satisfied to learn that Snakes and Lattes also provides a menu which includes desserts like waffles and brownies, lattes, sandwiches, and salads. You will find that you need to refuel frequently during intense gaming. Upon ordering, the meal was ready in no time, the portions were medium to large, and the food itself– fresh and delicious. The pricing for food corresponded to portions, for lattes ranging from $3- $5 and for sandwiches $8- $12.

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The atmosphere at Snakes and Lattes really depends on you and your company, choose wisely. It is a very hip location and although the decor is very simple, you can find a lot of wall art which really spices up the space and gives it a cozier feel. The cafe stays open very late and the only downside are really long wait times. On numerous occasions, we had to go for a walk around the neighborhood before we could finally be seated. However, once you’re in, it is endless fun with no time constraints.

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Here is a link for more information: Snakes and Lattes Game Board Cafe

What restaurants have you visited recently? Leave you suggestions in the comments and we might just try them out for out next blog meeting. In the mean time, follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest for more on our (mis)adventures and interests.


~ Kvitka ~


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