Fashion Dejavu– Its real

One of the debated perks of being the younger sister is “borrowing” your older sister’s clothes, makeup, and buckets of advice. As my younger sister is starting to learn about this world of possibilities (in my closet in particular), it made me think of fashion items which are making a comeback and reminding me of the good old careless days.

My sister trying to be ultra sneaky when borrowing lip gloss on occasion

The beauty behind fashion’s trend recycling is the nostalgia of traveling back a few decades. Who needs a time travelling machine to go to the 1800s when corsets are making a comeback this season. The old trends are simply modernized, reinvented, and adjusted to suite this decade’s vibes.ย However, there are two sides to this “trend recycling dilemma.”

As I was cleaning out my closet, I came across many pieces which were inspired by the previous decades such as neon scrunchies and bangles (1980s inspired), bell bottoms and shoulder padded blazers (1960s), and yes, even a drop waist dress (1920s), all recent purchases. It got me thinking– is fashion running low on its creative juices? If Google has nothing for the search “Fashion Trends We Need to Create,” you know there’s a problem.

An outfit inspired by the 60s, 80s, and 90s. Can you guess which piece belongs to which decade?

While pieces like mocassins, crop tops, converse, skater skirts, and baggie denim jackets are making an appearance yet again, what can the 2000s bring to the table? I have considered graphic tees and DIY clothes to be a new edition to the fashion hemisphere; however, this summer has proven to be a fashion dejavu instead.

Some trends I would like to see come to fruition are quite far fetched but original:

  • Stain removing tank tops— no need for the Tide stain remover stick
  • Colour changing jeans— a new version of the mood rings, one pair fits all moods
  • Tops with removable sleeves— try dressing for a blizzard and a heat wave on the same day
  • Self heating winter boots— these will make winter a little less dreadful

What trends do you think are unique to the 2000s? Share them with us in the comments. Do you think fashion is running low on new, creative ideas?

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Until next time,

~ Kisses, Kvitka ~

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