Colouring isn’t only for Kids

One of the things I miss from those glorious kindergarten years are naps (let’s take a com Although I’d definitely trade a lunch break for a napping session, there is one more thing that I miss from those magical, careless years– colouring books. Back in the day they surved the purpose of entertainment, now a days they are great for stress relief. 


When stressed, the best way to relieve the feeling of being overwhelmed is to write down all your thoughts on a piece of paper. That way the worries are on paper rather than clouding your mind. This is the right solution when you know what is keeping you up at night; however, during those times when anxiety haunts you and you can’t pinpoint the trigger, try using a colouring book. Now, you don’t need an excuse like stress or anxiety to find yourself purchasing a colouring book, you be you.


The Science:

From a neurological perspective, this is an effective method for stress relief. Your brain is only able to concentrate on a task/ react to stimuli one a time which is referred to as selective attention. Even when you think you are multitasking, your brain is actually switching back forth between tasks which is why texting and driving proves to be such a hazard.

The same phenomenon applies when you are colouring since you are focusing on staying within the lines or shading rather than allowing yourself to be consumed by anxious thoughts. Bonus, you feel in control when you colour since you are the creator of your own masterpiece which in the occasion of extreme uncertainty can be a little boost.

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Until next time,

~ Kisses, Kvitka ~


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