Downtown Hot Spot

Going out whether on a date, with friends, or for a family outing, choosing a spot to dine is the most challenging part aside from deciding what to order from the menu– decisions, decisions, am I right? Recently, Rochelle and I were strolling Downtown when we spotted the Momofuku and Noodle Bar at Adelaide St W and University Ave. We were both in awe of how beautiful this location was and were perhaps a little too eager climbing the stairs to the upstairs wing.

LT Rating: Food: 8/10 | Presentation: 8/10 | Decor: 10/10 | Seating wait time: 9/10 | Meal wait time: 6/10 | Prices: $$ | Must go, Average, Poor review: Must go



Although it was the atmosphere of the restaurant which caught our attention, our meals were impressive. We must admit that the menu was very limited with only a few options to choose from and the wait time wasn’t entirely satisfying (approximately 18 min); however, our meals were absolutely delightful (and Insta-worthy might I add). We chose the upstairs level instead of the noodle bar. For my meal– Eggs Benedict, I was impressed how the egg yolk with added spices coated the bacon and bagel base which was a very tasteful combination. As for Rochelle’s meal, the sausage did not only melt in your mouth but it was a great match with beans and salad on the side. Overall, despite the limited options and long-ish wait times, with a wonderful meal, all is forgiven


Atmosphere/ Decor: 

We were warmly greeted as we entered and even seated immediately. The atmosphere is very laid back, casual, and modern, or as some might call it– “hipster.” The view definitely sold this place as we couldn’t stop ourselves from glancing at all the people walking by, taking photos. With large tables and comfortable chairs, you definitely have room for everyone’s elbows, which in our books is quite important! The decor is very modern and simplistic, making use of over-sized lamp fixtures and lots of polished wooden details giving it a rustic feel.

FullSizeRender (6)    FullSizeRender (5)


Now everyone’s favorite part of the review– the prices. We must admit that overall, Momofuku was on the pricier side. My meal came to a total of $20.34 ($18.00 no tax), average prices being ~$20-22. For the quality of the meal and location, it was definitely worth the price for us.

What restaurants have you visited recently? Leave you suggestions in the comments and we might just try them out for out next blog meeting. In the mean time, follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest for more on our (mis)adventures and interests.


~ Kvitka ~


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