Making the case for Public Transportation

Recently I realised how many of my friends drive cars. They arrive at places with their hair in place, fresh faced because they got to sleep in and gorgeous uncomfortable shoes because they don’t have to worry about longer travel times! However, as a public transport user in the City of Toronto, I’ve come to realise that there are several benefits to use public transport.

You save a ton of money because you don’t need to spend on car insurance, maintenance and gas refills.Β With a metro-pass/a monthly public transport pass, you can travel the city several times a days without wasting much money.

Leaving the house earlier than car users ensures that you have excellent time management skills!

Using public transport lets you read, play Candy Crush, watch videos, finish unfinished work etc., without the hassle of worrying over whether or not you’ll crash into that car or pedestrian in front of you.

You know how to get by if the cab doesn’t arrive on time or your friend/driver flakes out on you.

You gain life experience dealing with all the strange and weird homo sapiens on the subway. Getting forced into awkward situations might not be fun at the moment but they make for excellent dinner time stories!

Taking the transport sometimes sucks, especially when the bus gets late and you’re stuck outside while it’s raining, but overall, being environmentally friendly is pretty great morale booster!

Try taking public transport. Trust me, it’s not all bad smells and weird conversations. If you have any stories to share we’d love to hear it in the comments below!Β Follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest for more on our (mis)adventures and interests.

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