Challenge #6: Escape Rooms!

This weekend we met up with our friends from high school and decided to try out something a little different, an escape room! In an escape room the goal is to find clues hidden all around the room in an hour and piece them together in order to unlock the door. “The Great Escape” is a family run business in Toronto close to Dufferin Station and it was just as fun, imaginative and exciting as all their reviewers claimed.

We tried the Da Vinci Code which is touted as the hardest room in “The Great Escape.” Five out of the six of us had never done an escape room before and so we expected failure within the first twenty minutes. Fortunately we received a hint per room (three rooms to unlock in total) and the biggest shocker of all was that we managed to escape with a minute to spare!

The creators of The Great Escape later gave us background on their careers as escape room artists and explained that they travel around the globe to find inspiration from other escape rooms. Budapest apparently has the best escape rooms and because of the difference in safety laws, many countries get away with a lot more than Canadian escape rooms!

Kvitka and I also tried Ethiopian food for the first time at this kitschy little restaurant called Lalibela on Bloor St. W. We will definitely be going back for another round because not only are the portions huge, the food is delicious and seems really healthy!

Have you every tried an escape room before? Let us know your experiences and recommendations in the comments below! Follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest for more on our (mis)adventures and interests.

Until next time,

Rochelle & Kvitka


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