Potato Chips– Guilt Free 

It’s alright, admit it, we all have those days when self control has nothing on those cravings. We convince ourselves that we deserve that batch of unhealthy deliciousness only to feel the guilt seeping in once were full. Personally,  chips are my guilty pleasure but I have recently discovered a new product which doesn’t leave me feeling guilty after a handful of my chip delights.  

 While traveling all across eastern Canada, one of the stops was at Covered Bridge potato chip factory in New Brunswick. Covered Bridge is a family business which produces all natural chips, chemical and gluten free (using homegrown dark Russet potatoes). I even went on a tour and witnessed the production process with my very own eyes! 



These are an amazing substitute for those fatty, transfat infused chips we all enjoy at movie nights and parties. Covered Bridge offers ~12 flavours like sea salt, dill and pickle, lobster, you name it. My personal favorite is the sea salt seasoning (although it surpasses a healthy salt intake for this particular chip seasoning). 

Although they are not an organic substitute for our previous post on crispy apple chips, they are definitely a healthier alternative for our classic favorite chip brands. 

Do you think you’ll be giving Covered Bridge potato chips a try? Let us know in the comments!  Check out more of our photos on Instagram @lipstick_trilogy and follow us on Twitter and Pinterest to catch up on our daily doings and weekly updates!

– Kisses, Kvitka –


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