A British drama set in Paradise

A few months ago a friend recommended “The Paradise” to me and I, being a blockhead, put off watching it until two days ago. Not surprisingly,”The Paradise” is fantastic! I am currently on the last episode of the first season and I cannot stop myself from pressing the next episode button on Netflix.

The show revolves around Denise, an ambitious, pretty girl who arrives in London from the country to work with her uncle in his small dressmaking store. However, business is scarce for independent store owners because of the huge department store across the street. aptly named “The Paradise”. Denise, out of a job, finds employment in this store and discovers what is essentially a  Downton Abbey-esque drama in The Paradise. The store owner, Mr. Moray notices Denise’s intelligence and beauty which provides most of the drama/fuel to the show.

Moray and Denise

I recommend this TV show to those looking to fill the space Downton Abbey, Agatha Christie, Upstairs Downstairs and basically any British TV show has left in their hearts. There’s only two seasons so there’s not much of a risk of getting hooked–a good and bad thing depending on how you look at it.

Denise and Clara

LT Ratings: Overall rating: 7.5/10 | Comedy: 5/10 | Adventure: 4/10 | Drama: 9.5/10 | Must watch/ Average/ Pass: Must Watch

Do try it–I promise you’ll love it! Follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest for more on our (mis)adventures and interests.

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