Challenge #5 Complete 

The Jar of Epicness has thrown in quite a challenge this week– traveling! Rochelle and I packed our bags, left the comfort of our Toronto nests, and hit the road. This weekend Kvitka is heading to Niagara Falls and touring Eastern Canand while Rochelle is visiting Montreal, making a stop at Osheaga to spice up her weekend experience. Let’s dive in…


I have been planning a trip to the Maritimes in August but when this week’s challenge threw in traveling, I had to include one of my favorite locations in Ontario– the Niagara Falls. A few hot spots to keep in mind are the boat tours which take you right up to the falls. You feel the furry of the waves as water sprinkles your clothes (waterproof makeup is not a bad idea). Get a more personal look of the falls if you dare. The Skylon tower is another A+ location in my books. Journey 175 feet above ground to the Summit Suite restaurant and enjoy a delightful dinner overseeing the Falls. If you are scared of heights, challenge yourself!

1640 Restaraunt in Quebec

Local Boutiques

Chateau Frontenac

Kvitka: The next stop on the map was Quebec City. I have never been to France but I like to think that the Old Town is a close match. Make sure to visit 1640 Restaurant which was actually built over 300 years ago, talk about tasting history! This week has been fascinating and I am so happy to share my experience with you on this blog. Although sitting for hours on the bus is a pain, the adventures are well worth it. Next stop is New Brunswichk
— stay tuned.

Rochelle: I went to Montreal, stayed with my sister and partied at Osheaga this weekend! I decided to spend only one day at the festival because the majority of the acts I wanted to see were on Friday. The next two days were spent dining at fancy restaurants, roaming the city, getting henna tattoos and watching the finale for the weekly summer fireworks competition. Since I also celebrated my birthday this weekend I was surprised by the amount of free things I got in the city–the best one was a huge red velvet cupcake at this little cake shop in Vieux-Montreal!

Have you travelled anywhere this summer? Drop by August 10th to read our post on this week’s adventure. Follow us on Instagram @lipsticktrilogy, Twitter and Pinterest to stay in touch!

Until then,
Rochelle & Kvitka


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