Roses, Lilies, Jasmines: So many Perfumes!

Choosing perfumes can be very difficult. Last week I finished my small bottle of Chloé perfume and instead of restocking on the bottle, I decided to try a new one. There are so many fragrances, it’s completely overwhelming selecting a single one! I always buy a small bottle of a fragrance because I notice my tastes always change and I don’t wish to be stuck with a massive bottle of perfume that I hate.

Daisy Dior

Fragrances are tricky to buy. Never gift a bottle, unless you know the person really well. When trying to narrow down choices, I suggest spraying a little on your wrist, wearing it for a while and then decide afterwards if you actually like it. Perfumes tend to smell different after time passes and your nose may either hate or love the smell after passing some time with odour.

Meyer Blooms 2

I ended up selecting Meyer Blooms from Anthropologie this time around. I love the scent- it’s sharp, with citrus, floral notes and it fades beautifully into a sweet light scent. Any suggestions as to what I should try the next time around? Follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest for more on our (mis)adventures and interests.

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