Cardinal Rules for Packing

Packing…what a word! There’s almost a science behind the entire process. One cannot just simply chuck a bunch of clothes at the luggage and expect to arrive with an unwrinkled, decent wardrobe. In order to prepare for our own respective travel adventures this week, we composed a list of our specialised techniques that could probably help you pack stress-free.


1. Limited space- Confirm the size and number of articles you’re allowed to lug with you. It’s amazing how many people forget this cardinal rule. And yes, it is absolutely unnecessary to pay that ridiculously expensive fare for excess baggage, don’t be the one that does and holds up the entire line. Try wearing items that take up the most room while traveling e.g. sweaters, sneakers.


2. Have a checklist- Seriously. Checklists save everyone. Checking off that check box ensures that even if you forget, your luggage hasn’t. A list of “most likely to forget” items is important. Toothbrushes are at the top of that list and you know it.

3. Socks- Don’t forget the socks. Socks are important. If you are traveling during the colder months pack the socks into your shoes/boots to save space.


4. Ready for the unexpected- Even though you shouldn’t over-pack, you should definitely prepare for unexpected circumstances. Yes, there is a possibility you will need that umbrella even though weather stations call for sunny days ahead. For warmer weather we still like to include a pair of long pants and a light sweater because you never know with Mother Nature.

5. Packing order- Put your thickest pieces of clothing and shoes at the bottom of your suitcase to give the bag structure, keeping lighter pieces near the top. Its always a safe bet to leave essentials like a sweater near the top for easy access when the temperatures drop.


6. Save space- With limited luggage space, a good trick is to roll up clothes instead of folding which is a method for preventing wrinkles. If you have fragile materials, wrap you clothes around them to serve as a protective barrier.

7. Shoe addiction- Leave those 10 pairs of pumps at home, carry 1. One pair of versatile, neutral heels/wedges that can suit anything will do well. Sensible shoes like loafers, oxfords, sneakers, Birks, etc. are best when going on an adventure. We can’t all be Claire Dearing!


8. Entertainment- Gauge the amount of time you will be spending travelling. And pack your preferred form of entertainment accordingly because the window is fun only for the first thirty seconds. The remaining six hours will unfortunately be agonizing.

9. Plug converter-  If you’re going out of country, please don’t forget those electric plug converters. You really don’t want to fry your precious gadgets. Trust me, it isn’t worth buying new chargers for those different sockets; you’ll be leaving soon anyways and having a convertor will be useful for future travelling!


10. Hotel samples-  Kvitka admits to being that weirdo who keeps the shampoo, lotion, and body wash samples after her stay in a hotel. She later brings it along in her carry on which not only saves space but is also an airline approved quantity (most of the time).

11. Dirty laundry- You are bound to have some dirty laundry while you travel so make sure to have some plastic bags to store your smelly laundry in.


12. Makeup- No need for to lug around a makeup collection, we got you covered. You can read about our makeup essentials in our previous post.  

13. Jewelry obstacles course- Opting out of necklaces this time around and packing other pieces to make a statement. We prefer items that don’t get tangled up easily like watches, rings, bracelets, and earrings (rather than necklaces).

14. Lastly, have fun. Fun is important. Enjoy your travels!

Wherever you decide to go, we hope you love it! Let us know where you’ve been, are headed, or will be going below. We’d also love to hear about your worst packing experience! Follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest for more on our (mis)adventures and interests.

Until next time,

Rochelle and Kvitka 


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