Challenge #4 A Confusing Tale

This week has been quite hectic and Centre Island was rain checked despite the amazing Toronto weather this weekend. However, we have made a pledge to complete nine Summer Bucket List challenges and this week is no exception. As bloggers, a large portion of our lives is spent online but what happens when we unplug? Challenge #4 was NO Phone Day!


Rochelle unplugged on Saturday and Kvitka unplugged on Sunday

We both admit to feeling a sense of withdrawal when we shut off our devises, realizing that we were dependent on our phones for even the simplest things like checking time. When either one of us spots something “Insta-worthy,” our phones (the sidekicks) are always ready to capture those moments. Out of habit, we actually ended up reaching for them only to walk away from a potential photo opportunity. There’s a good ending though, both of us got accustomed to being phone-less. It felt like a modern age theme of “Survival.” We ended up asking strangers for time, looking up at billboards to check the weather, using pen and paper to write down ideas, and of course having no outside distractions, nagging emails, and an overflowing news feed.

Alright, we admit to cheating a little bit. Kvitka kept the phone off all day except for an emergency family call but she admits to using her phone less these days. Rochelle on the other hand, gave up entirely by 7 o’clock (going cold turkey is tough). Our excuse: the distance from our dear readers was just too much to bear.

Now its your turn! Try shutting your phone off for a day (unless there is an emergency of course). Drop by August 3rd to read our post on this week’s adventure which is to travel outside of our province. Follow us on Instagram @lipsticktrilogy, Twitter and Pinterest to stay in touch!

Until then,

Rochelle & Kvitka


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