And you Thought Frozen fever was crazy

The “Frozen” phase is starting to dwindle but there is a new craze coming your way– the minions takeover. There is a lot of buildup for the “Minions” movie, the expectations are soaring, and the minions merchandise sales are booming. Did it meet our expectations? 

MINIONS, US advance poster, 2015. ©Universal Pictures

MINIONS, US advance poster, 2015. ©Universal Pictures

The minions movie was a story of how these cute, little, yellow creatures came about, their journey to find the master evildoer and the unexpected takeover of Great Britain in the process. The movie was 2h of eye candy and a lot of “awws” in the theater. You will be in for a surprise, a plot twist I must admit, put the movie into my good books.

MINIONS, from left: Bob, Stuart, Kevin, 2015./©Universal Pictures

MINIONS, from left: Bob, Stuart, Kevin, 2015./©Universal Pictures

As much as I wished “The Minions” would cause the Internet to explode like “Frozen” was destined to do, I’m sorry minions, but I don’t think you reached the mark entirely. The movie failed to get the audience bursting from laughter aside from a few occasional LOL moments.

LT Ratings: Overall rating: 6.5/10 | Comedy: 6/10 | Adventure: 4/10 | Animation: 9/10 | Must watch/ Average/ Pass: Average 

The first few scenes depicting how the minions came about were hilarious to say the least. Unintentional destruction of the world’s evildoers by tiny yellow minions was a lesson in never say never. Burning Dracula with sunlight and leading a T-Rex off a cliff– priceless.

MINIONS, 2015./©Universal Pictures

MINIONS, 2015./©Universal Pictures

Overall, the movie was a pleasure to watch although I didn’t find myself cracking up unfortunately. It is a film meant for a family outing and it delivers on that scale fantastically. The plot is simple and predictable, but sometimes we need a little break from serious, agreed?

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– Kisses, Kvitka –

**All the photos are taken from the Cineplex (movie listing) webpage at 

(© 2015 Universal Studios as well as © Cineplex Entertainment LP)

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