Picture Perfect

Growing up my living room was stacked with photo albums. It was a social norm to hand over the albums to your guests for viewing while you finished up with dinner preparations. There would be hours of laughter and story time as the photos got passed around. Families would spend hours choosing the best shots for print to preserve those memories. What has changed?


Presently, taking a photo has never been easier. In fact, its so simple that our storage space is most likely filled with selfies and other useless photos that get easily deleted. My phone currently holds 1,055 photos and truly, my favorite memories get lost in the number which defeats the purpose of photo taking. Here is my plan…

IMG_3441 (1)

Step 1: I have taken a look through my photos and selected my favorite ones for print

Step 2: At the Dollar Store I purchased some frames to decorate my dresser

Every morning will get just a little brighter when I catch a glimpse of my favorite people, awesome memories, and hilariously embarrassing moments.

Hope you found this post interesting and inspiring. If you decide to give this idea a shot, we would love to see your photos and recreations. Follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest for more on our adventures.

Until next time,

– Kisses, Kvitka –


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