Strobing: The new frontier of the makeup world

I’ve recently been made aware of a ‘new’ technique known as strobing which is the gentler cousin to the heavy duty process of conturing. I actually love conturing. I think it’s awfully fun and it defines facial features really well. However, conturing is a little difficult for some and is actually a little heavy for the summer months. Strobing is a perfect and easy alternative!

You can use a cream or powder highlighter. Since I have dry skin, I usually use a heavy moisturizer under any makeup which makes creamy makeup pointless. All you have to do is brush a tiny amount of highlighter onto your cheekbones and under your brow bone. Apply another small amount to the centre line of your nose and a a fraction of that amount to your philtrum.image

Remember, do not go overboard on the glitter. Use this Lisa Eldridge video to guide your steps and keep in mind, if you glitter like Edward Cullen, you’ve probably overdone it. Natural makeup is key this summer.

Post pictures of your strobing attempts and tag us in them or comment below with your opinions on this technique! Follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest for more on our (mis)adventures and interests.

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