Drinks to beat the summer heat

I racked my brain and rifled the internet eventually creating my own recipes for ice cappuccinos and chocolate milkshakes. Just as a side not, according to one website, adding icing sugar gives the drinks their frothiness.

Ice Cap Recipe:

A cup of coffee + Vanilla Ice cream + approx. 7 ice cubes + Icing sugar or fine sugar + A blender

Empty the ice cubes at the bottom of the blender, then add the coffee and the ice cream (as many scoops as you like. It depends on how creamy you want it). Then add two teaspoons of sugar. Blend together and then taste.  Add more of the ingredients based on your preference. Voila- your very own ice cap in minutes 🙂


Chocolate Milkshakes:

Do the exact same thing for the chocolate milkshakes except only use 2-3 ice cubes, a cup of chocolate milk (one and a half teaspoon of pure cocoa powder + one cup of water) instead of coffee and add 1/3 milk. Blend together and enjoy!

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