Challenge #3 Complete

Another challenge from our summer bucket list has been completed– a girls’ night sleepover. Rochelle decided to surrender her house for the night to host what will remain one of the highlighting events of the summer for us. Also, we’d like to introduce our mutual bestie, Vanessa!


The evening started with food of course! Rochelle ordered in some dim sum while Kvitka brought the predictable alternative– chips and dip, with Vanessa topping it all off with some delightful pastries. After casually flopping on the couch, we made a serious attempt to enjoy a movie; however, the conversation often turns serious when life talks happen.



Pumped with crackers and cheese, we blasted (well sort of blasted) Dance Revolution and danced along embarrassingly to the most bizarre steps we’ve ever seen. Kvitka being a ballet dancer was entertaining to watch when she tried dance along to hip hop moves (made for some funny snapchats) while Rochelle and Vanessa were simply eye candy.


This was a workout. Our muscles were sore and the only remedy we could think of was to watch a movie, “What’s your Number?” to be precise. Kvitka took periodic naps throughout the movie while the ladies were spotted laughing out loud (LOLing to their max capacity).


As the night settled in, we all followed through with our beauty routines– even 3am cannot stop us from brushing our teeth and cleansing our faces! Off to bed, except not yet… after deep talk at 3am we drifted off to sleep.



The next morning, waking up was a b*#!@h. Rochelle made her special morning breakfast recipe which was absolutely delicious. Her recipe is up on the blog.Β Overall, the sleepover was a success. We bonded and laughed at our embarrassing stories, naturally offered wanted and unwanted advice for those tricky love situations, and we definitely recommend you give this a try.

Drop by July 27th to read our post on this week’s trip to Centre Island. Follow us on Instagram @lipsticktrilogy, Twitter and Pinterest to catch up on our daily doings and weekly updates!

Until then,

Rochelle & Kvitka


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