$$$ Saving Shopping Tips

This week Rochelle and I decided that some shopping therapy needed to be put in place. We hit the malls and managed to stick to an allotted budget of under $100. Personally I like to do my shopping by season which generally prevents me from overspending throughout the year.

Today, we will be sharing our tricks of the trade for becoming an efficient and savvy shopper.

1. Before purchasing a new item, I envision outfits to accompany the piece. There were countless times where I couldn’t think of a way to pair neon coloured shorts with the existing tops in my closet and they got sorted to the back of my closet after the purchase.

2. The next tip is to decide if the pricing is reasonable. I use the formula– blazers are typically $30, jeans tend to be $35, and t-shirts are about $15 in my favorite stores. Anything significantly above my formula doesn’t make it into my shopping basket.

The BCBG Outlet Store

3. If a piece is an investment, it is better to purchase a more expensive item. For example, winter/fall coats tend to be investments because chances are they will be worn for years to come. More often than not, the item’s quality and life expectancy will match the price tag.

4. I always make sure to check outlet stores. The prices tend to be significantly lower while the clothing is still on trend. Also sign up for emails to receive updates about sales and visit thrift shops for some second hand options.

5. Try making a To Buy List. I tend to write the items I think my closet is missing out on. This summer I put a summer dress, small backpack, and basic tops onto my list and remembered to keep an eye out for these pieces when shopping.

6. I start my shopping trip at the back of every store, where the sale/clearance items are displayed and move upwards to the new arrivals section. Before you have a chance to fall in love with an overpriced new arrivals item, you will get a glimpse of a more reasonably priced sale item which isn’t necessarily out of style. Sometimes a new piece may just be missing a button or all the sizes have been sold out and it immediately gets sectioned into the clearance racks.

These two pieces are nearly identical

7. Make sure you don’t buy items that are too similar to each other. I noticed my passion for floral designs and found myself trying on pieces with a near identical print. Remember, to keep your closet fresh and unique rather than filled with duplicates.

Do you have any tips you would like to share with us? If we missed something, we would love to hear from you in the comments. You can also stay in touch with us by following us on Twitter, Instagram @lipstick_trilogy and Pinterest for more on our adventures and interests.

Happy Shopping,

– Kisses, Kvitka –


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