Summerlicious & Challenge #3

So fellow humans, we managed to complete a second item on our Summer Bucket-list! A challenge that was entirely enjoyable, sprinkled with waitress mishaps and a rather pleasant conversation with a gentleman who asked us for a recommendation.


We made a reservation at Insomnia after perusing through a huge list of eateries that are participating in the festival. We arrived early and after a long walk along Bathurst street (that ended with Rochelle buying her first maxi dress) we went in fifteen minutes early and were given first pick of all the seats at the restaurant.

FullSizeRender (3)

The food was absolutely delicious with plenty leftover to take away. As the place got busier, the waitress got slightly flustered and mixed up Rochelle’s dessert order which meant we got free extra dessert, which is always a bonus in our books!


FullSizeRender (5)


Unfortunately, Kvitka couldn’t wait to start on her dark chocolate crème brûlée so we didn’t have a chance to photograph all three together.The restaurant decor was charming which made it a wonderful spot to catch up. Overall, we had a fantastic time!

Now onto our next challenge. The Mason Jar of Epic-ness has spoken and this week we will be having…a girls’ night sleepover. How will this challenge turn out? Disaster or great fun?

Drop by July 20th to read our post on this week’s upcoming sleepover. Follow us on Instagram @lipsticktrilogy, Twitter and Pinterest to catch up on our daily doings and weekly updates!

Until then,

Rochelle & Kvitka


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