Running Late? Be out in 5

Being a very timely person, I usually leave just 30 minutes to get ready and leave out the door each morning after waking up. With such a straining time limit, my 5 minute makeup is usually simple, natural, but still tasteful. When you wake up late or need to do some touch ups, remember these quick and easy steps.  


MINUTE 1-2– The Base


The first step is to moisturize and apply sunscreen (during the summer). Since I do not like to use foundation, I prefer to use concealer to cover some imperfections and as an eye shadow primer.

MINUTE 3– Brows and Cheeks 


Filling in the brows with a brow pencil. To define my cheekbones, I use a light hand to apply bronzer. I do not use foundation so there is no need for blush since our cheeks are already rosy.

MINUTE 4– The Eyes 


I use creamy eye shadows or eye shadow sticks as a base (and for the inner corners of the eye and brow arch) because of their easy application. To create some dimension with the look, for my crease I use a bronzer and blend away.

MINUTE 5– Lashes and Lips 


Curl the lashes and apply mascara. Currently I have been using two mascaras by Maybelline. A review is available on the blog (link to this post). Apply lipstick/gloss and you’re ready to go.

Voila, a 5 minute look that is simplistic yet polished. Were hoping you will give it a try next time you feel a time strain. I try to change up my lipstick and eye shadow colours to always keep the look fresh.

Will you be trying out these tips? How long do you usually take to do your makeup?  Leave your response in the comments, we love reading them. You can also connect with us on social media by following us on Twitter, Instagram @lipstick_trilogy and Pinterest for more on our adventures and interests.


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