Cursive or Print, Write a Letter!

Today I just received a hand written letter in the post ร  la days of olde. It was from an amazing friend I made last year who lived in Canada and moved to Australia for a little while. Our correspondence began last August and each month I receive and post a letter; each month is a little brighter when I see that envelope in the mailbox!


I really enjoy the process of writing to a friend. It’s really nice knowing that they’ll receive it in a few days/weeks and the anticipation that comes from waiting for a reply is almost unbearable but the wait is worth it when you read their response.

I’ve learnt patience from this whole system–it’s no joke sending a message when you can’t see a ”Seen at –pm/am” notification when you’re done!


If you want to try a pen pal system but are unsure how to go about it, there are millions of resources you can turn to–usually your own community has a volunteer program designed around writing to a senior citizen, soldiers or isolated people who need someone with whom to talk . A cute site I found is

If you do try writing hand written letters, let us know below how much you love or hate the process! Follow us on Twitter, Instagram @lipstick_trilogy and Pinterest for more on our adventures and interests.

Until next time,



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