Challenge #1: COMPLETE

Its time for our Summer Bucket List update!


We celebrated Canada Day in style this year with our close friends at the 2015 Q107 Canada Day Picnic. Now when you think ‘picnic’, its usually an intimate, small gathering, but we were in for quite a surprise this year.


Kvitka’s cheeseburger!


Rochelle’s double cheeseburger!

After an hour long trip to reach our destination at “The Beaches,” we treated ourselves with some Burger Priest hamburgers and let us tell you, our taste buds could not handle the double decker cheeseburger goodness. So delicious!


Aside from catching up on our latest endeavors, news, the latest episode of the Game of Thrones, and of course some drama, we settled at “The Beaches” to await the fireworks. Lounging around, sinking our feet into the sand, chatting away with food in our mouths (how polite), these girls’ night out picnic was a complete success.


Rochelle with her sandy iced coffee 

{Kvitka} Have you ever been to a rave, a concert, or a large gathering? If so, you know that with large crowds, lots of noise is just part of the package. This time around; however, I witnessed the most ironic turn of events.

While we watched the fireworks which mind you, felt like they were going to engulf my face, there was complete silence on the beach with ~400 people. You couldn’t even hear anyone clicking away pictures on their phones. #serenemoment


{Rochelle} It’s been so long since I had a picnic and this one was perfect! As beautiful as the fireworks were, it was the time spent with friends that I found more fun. We found a perfect spot on the beach and since we didn’t know when the fireworks were starting, we came at least an hour and a half earlier and shared a tiny blanket on the wet sand. We were cold and a little worried about rain but it couldn’t have been more perfect if we planned it! Here’s to an awesome summer and many many more of these amazing moments!


We are well on our way to an epicly awesome summer! How did you celebrate Canada Day? If you’re not from Canada, what are your picnic rituals?

Make sure to check our Instagram page @lipsticktrilogy each Monday to find out our pick of the week and join us on our Summer Adventure!

Until next time, 

Rochelle and Kvitka 


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