Inspiration Board for July

Hello there,

Rochelle and I are starting a monthly series called, “Inspiration Board.” At the start of every month, we will be using a memo board to compile photos and articles which have sparked interest. Let’s try something new together!


This is a full compilation of our memo board


  • Crochet- is no longer reserved just for serviettes, it is making a grand appearance in summer fashion collections. Its intricate detail is an instant statement piece.
  • Beads- jumping onto the bandwagon, we will be spicing up our outfits with beaded and embroidered pieces. The rustic, folk resemblance is very  fresh and appealing.


A closer look at the food and health category

  Food and Health 

  • Avocado- I am not a fan of avocados and am good at avoiding them. Due to their high potassium and fiber contents, I will be incorporating them into my meals. If you have some suggestions, leave a recipe in the comments.   
  • Smottie- I have been on a health kick, drinking homemade smoothies every evening. Now I will be adding spinach leaves and the above toppings for extra health benefits.
  • Summer Bucket List- is a must for a fulfilling summer experience. From these articles, we will be adding the Ripley’s Aquarium and hiking to our lists (hint, hint).


A closer look at the hair and beauty category

 Beauty and Hair 

  • Half bun- with shorter hair, my styling ideas are starting to dwindle. This effortless half bun is a unique spin on a classic ballerina bun and a trend I am willing to try.
  • Light weight makeup- I will be experimenting with a minimal/simplistic makeup look with sun kissed cheeks (not rosy), lightly filled browns, and bronzer as eye shadow.
  • Dry shampoo- I started using the Moroccanoil shampoo/conditioner to recover the damage done by cold winter months. Since hair gets oilier faster in the summer, I will be giving the Moroccanoil dry shampoo a chance to prevent frequent hair washes.

We would love to hear from you, what has inspired you this month? Let us know in the comments. You can also keep in touch with out adventures via Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram @lipstick_trilogy. 

– Kisses, Kvitka –

The above photos were taken by the bloggers of A Lipstick Trilogy. The photos found on the memo board and notebook were cut out from the ElleCanada, Chatelaine, and OntarioTravel magazines. You can visit these sources' webpage by clicking on their titles.

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