Outfit of the Week: Canada Day In Style


Canada Day- the day when Canadians celebrate their inner Canadian-ness by wearing red and white, donning our nicest smiles, cheering for the Leafs (in Toronto) and drowning our pancakes with maple syrup.

Fortunately Kvitka and I love reppin’ the red and white so we complied a bunch of photos to show you guys how to look this fabulous on Canada Day!


First, get your dance on! Grab your red velvet cupcakes from the oven/bakery and be ready to party. My pretty mini cupcake is from BakeSale Toronto and it was delicious.


Second, you’ll need those pretty smiles handy. My top is from Aerie, navy pants from Calvin Klein and wedges from Sears.


Third, sunglasses are a must on sunny days. Plus, look at this pair with gold cat-eye accents! They were just begging to be bought (Call it Spring).


Lastly, you’ll need your favourite bag to cart about all those essentials like your pocket sized maple syrup bottle and those hockey sticks (sarcasm alert–we do NOT carry those things around…usually)!

I hope you enjoy Canada Day! Kvitka & I will be checking out the Toronto Ribfest, so make sure to say hi if you see us there! Follow us on Twitter, Instagram @lipstick_trilogy and Pinterest for more on our adventures and interests.

Until next time,



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