“Inside Out”—Memory Lane

Hello Movie Goers, 

When Rochelle suggested I write a review of “Inside Out”, I was quite hesitant because a) I’ve never written one and b) How does one write an unbiased review about an animation that matches the magnificence of “Frozen?”


Inside Out is the recent Disney Pixar hit which has found a path not only into your heart but also a way to explain scientific concepts to its young viewers using comedy and loads of creativity. Try telling a six year old what a core memory is or even the long term memory and good luck explaining the unconscious mind.


Having taken psychology courses, it was interesting to see the analogies created by the directors to explain the train of thought—which was literally a moving train or the lost memories— an evaporating abyss. In other words, this animation is a crash course101.

LT Ratings: Overall rating: 9/10, Tear Dropper: 7/10, Comedy: 8/10, Animation: 9/10, Must watch/ Average/ Pass: A definite must watch

Aside from colour and creativity, “Inside Out” serves as a reminder to take a trip down your own memory lane. Go on, uncover those dusty childhood memories.


Aside from my science talk, there is an emotional and comedic plot line accompanying the characters. You have core emotions: joy, sadness, anger, fear, and disgust who learn to rely on each other and cooperate in controlling Riley’s memories and emotions. The greatest takeaway? In order to appreciate the good times and warmth, we need some sadness and hardship in our life for contrast.

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– Kisses, Kvitka –

**All the photos (Except for the first photo) are taken from the Disney Pixar Inside Out 
webpage at http://movies.disney.com/inside-out/gallery/
(© 2015 Disney and Pixar)

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