Chapter Two: The Silkworm

It’s no mystery why J.K.Rowling is considered an amazing author. One has to only look at her Harry Potter series to understand why she has rightly become a billionaire. And now, she has branched out into the adult mystery realm. I must say that I completely understand why she penned The Cuckoo’s Calling and The Silkworm as Robert Galbraith. Writing as Galbraith allowed Rowling to explore newer territory within the writing world. The anonymity would make sure that this series would not be judged and compared to the success of Harry Potter.


Honestly speaking, the Cormoran Strike Novels are sheer genius. Being a massive fan of Agatha Christie might give me permission to say that the series is intricate, beautiful, shocking, thrilling and an excellent mystery series. Rowling has a ‘flowy’ and descriptive writing style that drew me in from the start of The Silkworm. The plot follows Cormoran Strike and his partner Robin as they search for the novelist Owen Quine.

Perhaps it’s Rowling’s own experience in the writing business that makes this mystery that much more detailed as we traverse the world of editors, writers, mistress, publicists and publishers. I’ll admit that I guessed the murderer when Strike discovers the crime scene and then, quickly flipped to the end to see if I was right (I know, I’m the worst kind of reader). But even then, Rowling threw me for a loop at the end with a perfect twist that made me second guess everything. The motive is key in any good mystery and that is where Rowling creativity shines. The motive and murder is scary and gory. Frankly, after staying up till four in the morning, the whole thing made me a little queasy the next day. But I still loved every moment of it.

I cannot recommend this book and the whole series highly enough. The series is set completely apart from the Harry Potter series and it is absolutely brilliant in its own right.

LT Ratings: Overall rating: 9.5/10 | Tear Jerker: 6/10 | Mystery: 10/10 | Witty: 9.5/10 | Must Read/Average/Pass: Must Read!

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Chapter Three:  The Silver Star by Jeannette Walls

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Peace out bookworms ✌



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