Summer Makeup in 3 Easy Steps

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Summer is in full swing, but is your makeup collection all caught up? In the spirit of summer, it is time to brighten up and freshen up your vanity drawer by trying out these three summer beauty products—a BB cream, bright lip, and colourful eye liners.





During those hot summer days, try substituting your daily foundation for an SPF containing BB cream. A BB cream provides light to medium coverage but it still illuminates and moisturises the skin without the heavy feeling of foundation.



The best way to seal off a look is with a bright lip– think pinks and oranges. Since your lips will be the center of attention, you can reduce the amount of product you apply to your face and eyes which is perfect for those hot summer days.



The most dramatic way to change up your makeup look is by exchanging a classic black eye liner for brighter shades. Brighter colours add an instant pop to your eyes, so I usually go for a neutral lip. (Hint, hint: using eye shadows as liners is a money saver).

If you decide to give these suggestions a go, share your moment with us   @lipstick_trilogy on your Instagram photo. Leave a comment sharing your thoughts,

“What are your summer essentials?”

-Kisses, Kvitka-


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