The Ultimate Guide to Beach Essentials

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Although I despise talking about the weather, I must admit that recently it has been on its best behavior in Toronto. With promising sunshine for July 1st, we figured that a day off in the middle of the week is perfect for a one day beach getaway.

Here is our take on beach essentials.

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These are from Old Navy (right) and Sears (left). I don’t like sand getting in sorts of places so I always bring two swim suits to put on after my swimming time is up. NO sand in undesired places.

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Travel to the beach in style with light weight shorts (Aeropostale) and shoulder covering tops (Aeropostale) are my go to pieces for the beach. I prefer cheap flip flops over sandals and straps– get them wet worry free.


Towels to dry and towels to tan on. Although its a hassle bringing two towels, its way more enjoyable to cozy up in a warm, sun kissed towel than a cold wet one.


Hat to protect the head and cheap sunglasses (Forever 21) to protect the eyes. Get those things sandy and wet with no regrets. A comb– knotted hair is a nightmare. If I’m not planning to get my hair wet, hair elastics all the way.

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A mini wallet is a must. No need to bring all your cards and cash, you can just store the essentials. You will never see me at the beach without a Ziploc bag. Store your jewelry, phone, and wallet to protect them from the sand.

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The sun can be brutal so I always have a light yet massive scarf that I can tie around my body like a dress. Its a perfect item for walking on the beach shores in the sun while looking chic.


I like to bring filling food like protein bars and fruits to hydrate my body and skin. Water also hydrates and keeps your skin healthy when you are basically frying in the sun.

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I have a sunscreen (Ombrelle)  to prevent sun burns and later pealing. After a whole day in the sun I like to moisturize my skin with an after sun spray (Rexall). A SPF containing lip balm prevents chapped lips and sub burning and a waterproof mascara (Maybelline) makes me look awake.


What to do at the beach? Tan…is that it? Nope, I like to bring some magazines and a book to read during my tanning session. I also stay active by playing some Frisbee, badminton, and swimming with friends and family.

I’m hoping that this list makes packing for the beach super easy. Have a great Canada Day on July 1st!

Leave us thoughts on, “What else do you think we should bring to the beach?”

-Kisses, Kvitka-


2 thoughts on “The Ultimate Guide to Beach Essentials

  1. Elaine says:

    Don’t forget the lip sunblock! My lips got so sun/wind burned 3 weeks ago it was awful! Took all this time to heal and get back to normal. Now I’m off to the beach again for the 4th weekend, my Blistex deep renewal will be in the beach chair pocket.

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