Makeup Bag Essentials


We all have those friends that carry heavy-duty foundations and a million lipsticks in their bags. Yesterday I realised that both Kvitka and I were surprisingly good at carting around only the essentials. I decided to compile a list of those ten essential makeup items I never leave the house without:

Image 3

Moisturiser–I have dry skin all year round and you will never catch me without a travel size tube in my bags!

Image 4

Primers are brilliant at toning down redness or reducing the appearance of that surprise zit. I always have a small tube in my carry-on makeup kit.

Image 1

BB Creams are such a lifesaver! My BB is by GOSH and I love it. It’s easy to apply and sometimes, on a good skin day, I don’t even need moisturiser underneath it. They cover up imperfections all while looking natural= makeup essential.

Image 5

Concealers are fantastic with or without a base underneath. Sometimes, I only use my NARS concealer by itself without any other product on my face. It’s blend-able with fingers making it a must on my top 10 list!

Image 6

A quad palette like this one by Revlon (Decadent) contains mattes and shimmers. It’s convenient when you don’t have time to head home to change for a day to night look. It is tiny and fits perfectly into my small carry-on kit!

Image 7

This was a present from my sister and I love it. It’s a two-sided Urban Decay eyeliner pencil. One side is a matte black and the other, an electric blue. It’s long-lasting, smudge proof and absolutely fantastic for a classic or fun look on the go.

Image 8

Another gift (this time from Kvitka), this small bronzer/highlighter duo by L’oréal suits my skin tone perfectly. It contours without being obvious and is small enough to carry around for touch ups.

Image 10

This was part of my free birthday present from Sephora. It’s a travel sized mascara from Makeup Forever. It’s doesn’t clump, lengthens my lashes and is convenient for carrying around. A win in my essentials kit!

Image 11

This is my new Anthropologie Albeit (Azalea) lipstick in bright pink. I switch up my lipsticks/pencils based on the season. This summer, this is my go-to lip colour and its beautiful 20’s packaging makes it perfect for lipstick application in public

Image 12

Lastly, I never leave without a roll on perfume or travel size spray on in my bag. I love a light, fresh scent that I can carry around. This one is a Fleurs bottle from Anthropologie.

If you decide to give any of these suggestions a go, share it with us by tagging @lipstick_trilogy on your Instagram photo. Leave us comment below to share your thoughts on,

What’s in your essential makeup kit? 



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